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The scripts used in the source-directory are used to verify the libmqmsgque library including the all other programming-language components. Testing is done using the tcltest feature of the tcl distribution, the script-execution-tool "Nhi1Exec" and the "make check" feature of automake.

make usage

command definition
help this message
help2 test-tool help message
log show the test-testults (only error)
timer show summary sorted after "time spend on"
sort show summary sorted after "test performed"

make check

used to execute all tests in parallel to get fast test-results. parallel-testing is a feature auf the automake build tool. Nhi1Make execute NUMCPU-2 parallel test-cases by default.

  • using the test feature of the build environment with 4 parallel tasks
    Nhi1Make -j4 check 
    Nhi1Exec --check
  • only test the "c" language code
    Nhi1Make check TEST_LOG_FLAGS="--lang-c"
    Nhi1Exec --check --lang-c


used to test a singel test-case to verify a specific problem. All tests have to be performed in the:


directory of the NHI1 installation.
Nhi1Exec expect a executable or a testcase as first argument.
The executable have to use the language postfix to select the language to test.

  example: server.{c,cc,cs,go,java,tcl,pl,rb,php,py}


  • invoke an individual test script for language python and perl
    Nhi1Exec int.test --lng-python-perl
  • invoke parallel thread testing with all send testcases from maketests subdirectory
    Nhi1Exec --check=maketests/send* --start-thread
  • start tcl server using tcp and listing on port 7777 and spawn for every new connection a new server
    Nhi1Exec server.tcl --tcp --port 7777 --spawn
  • (OLD) invoke all tests for language go using threads and only binary data
    Nhi1Exec all.tcl --lng-go --start-threads --only-binary

Help Options usefull for testing

help from Nhi1Exec

‍Nhi1Exec –help

help from libmqmsgque-test-suite

‍Nhi1Exec –help-test

help from libmqmsgque

‍Nhi1Exec –help-msgque

help from tcltest

‍man n tcltest