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NHI1 readme

NHI1 build

"NHI1" was developed on Linux and Windows7. The Sources SHOULD compile on every operating system having the GNU tool-chain available.

The main development system is:

SuSE Linux 12.3 (64bit) using "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 V2 @ 3.50GHz"

The Build depends on the following tools:

  • GNU Compiler: gcc, g++, ccache
  • Microsoft SDK tools: , crt, cl, lib, link
  • GNU Configuration: make, libtool, autoconf, autoconf-archive, automake, ccache
  • Test: tclsh using the "tcltest" package
  • Documentation: doxygen
  • Create Binary Distribution: bzip2

In addition the following software is also supported:

To build "NHI1" please follow the next steps:

Unpack the source distribution in a temporary directory and switch into the top directory:

‍tar -xzf NHI1-X.Y.tar.gz cd NHI1-X.Y

(optional) To get a certified build environment I recomment to install the scripts: (optional) (optional) > NHI1-X.Y/etc/.bashrc (optional) > NHI1-X.Y/etc/.alias (optional) > NHI1-X.Y/etc/.vimrc (optional) (optional) into your home-environment. (softlink is ok) (optional) (optional) To get a repository with a set of prebuild binaries: (optional) > tcl, perl, python, ruby and php (optional) use the: (optional) > Nhi1BuildLanguage (optional) tool. (optional) (optional) To support a tempfs build environment for fast compiling (optional) I recomment using the 'rcBuildFs' service with: (optional) > NHI1-X.Y/bin/rcBuildFs install (optional) (optional) this service require the following directories belonging to the current (optional) development user: (optional) (optional) /build/USER (optional) /build/USER/Cache (optional) /build/USER/Main (optional) /build/USER/Main/nothread (optional) /build/USER/Main/performance-nothread (optional) /build/USER/Main/performance-thread (optional) /build/USER/Main/thread (optional) (optional) To navigate between the directories a couple of alias's are created (optional) starting with "cd.." (optional) (optional) To build the software on a system other than the developing system I (optional) recommend to update your local build tools with: (optional) (optional) > autoreconf (optional) (optional) If you run an other version of the libtool or the autoconf or if (optional) have done an repository checkout it is better to recreate your (optional) configuration environment with: (optional)
(optional) > autoreconf -fvi (optional)

To configure the build run the "configure" script:

for help

‍bash ./configure –help

do the configuration

‍bash ./configure ...

or use the convience wrapper (with user-frontend)

‍Nhi1Config -i ... -i for interactive

To build the software run "make":


To test the software please follow the steps from:

‍less theLink/tests/

To build the "documentation" the tool "doxygen" is required:

  • create the documentation > make html
  • read the documentation > firefox html/theLink/index.htm > firefox html/theConfig/index.htm > firefox html/theCompiler/index.htm > firefox html/theBrain/index.htm > firefox html/theGuard/index.htm